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Hamthology Vol 2. Now Available!

Hey all, the wait is over! HAMTHOLOGY VOLUME 2 is now available online for purchase! If there is a convention happening locally to you, during which one of our representatives will be selling the books, you can pick it up there as well.

Click here to learn about the volume and see previews of some of the pages!

Hamthology, Volume 2

As February comes to a close, few people are thinking about the coming of summer, and the accompanying conventions that usually go along with it. However, some of us at the pOnju forums are hard at work, putting together Volume 2 of the Hamthology. You can start looking forward to seven new stories, done by both returning and new writers and artists.

We are still in the process of ironing out convention plans, but it should be settled soon enough, at least, for the early ones. As always, once we know what is happening, we’ll post the details here.

AE Review

Anime Evolution was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came by and bought a copy, or who provided us with amusing chatter. We were able to sell out of Hamthology on Sunday afternoon because of you! We also want to send a giant-sized thanks to the Cyber Jar folks, who graciously allowed us a portion of their tables to sell Hamthology, and to put the snacking tree on display…

That’s all the conventions we’ll be able to attend this year, but we’re planning to start things off early again next year at Anime Los Angeles in, well, Los Angeles during January. We’ll have more details on that con as we grow closer to it, possibly sometime in December.

Anime Evolution Reminder!

Anime Evolution is this weekend, in Vancouver, BC from August 17th trough 19th. Sylvia and Marc will be there, selling copies of the Hamthology, as well as a few other special ‘goodies‘! We will be in the Artist’s Alley for this event.

AX Update & Reminder

We have received confirmation from AX that we will have a spot in the Artist’s Alley, as opposed to the Dealer’s Room. Bryan and Sylvia will be at our table, selling Hamthology as well as their own stuff and they just might be coaxed into giving sketches. Be sure to come by if you are attending Anime Expo this weekend.

Anime Expo

This one’s a bit tricky: We will be represented there, we’re just not sure of the location at the con. Due to a bit of a mix-up, we couldn’t get an Artist Alley table, but we are on the wait list for one. In the event there’s a table free for us, Bryan will be in the Artist’s Alley, selling Hamthology, as well as his own stuff. If we can’t end up getting a table there, the Dealer’s Room will house us, at the PMBQ booth.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to know exactly where we’ll be ahead of time, since the AA table won’t be available or unavailable until the first day of the convention.


Hamthology vol. 1
Volume 2: Choices

US $11.99 - Buy

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Hamthology vol. 1
Volume 1: The Quest
US $9.99 - Buy

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